Lose those lbs easily I have noticed over the last few weeks that my weight has gone up and up. I have always been 8 and a half stone. Not any more! Every time I stood on the scales I noticed that the lbs had started to pile on. First of all it was just a couple of lbs then slowly it started to rise, and to my horror I weighed myself last week and noticed that I was well over 9 stone. Now you may not think that this is very big. But as I am only 5ft 2 inches and a bit, I always add the bit, it does make a difference, I realized that my middle was becoming as big as my height! Well, not quite but you get the point. The trouble is that I don't eat much, just a sandwich at lunchtime and a meal in the evening. So why was I gaining weight? Probably because I tend to work from home these days so I don't get the exercise walking or riding to work, doing a full day and then walking or riding back home. I have always exercised, but obviously as you get older you find that shifting the weight is not so easy. Then one day, out of sheer desperation, I wandered into the health club in my town. To be quite honest, I wasn't holding out much hope of discovering a new exercise that would get rid of my fat, but I lived in hope. As I was about to leave I noticed something called a Fabulous. I stared at it for a moment and completely baffled I went to the counter and asked what it was. I know that I am a bit slow sometimes and you have all probably heard of it before, but believe me when I say it was new to me. I was told that it was a vibrating machine. I said, a what? A vibration exercise machine. Wow. This sounded my kind of thing.



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